The Japanese Association for Philosophical and Ethical Researches in Medicine

The Japanese Association for Philosophical and Ethical Researches in Medicine

President: TASHIRO Shimon
Vice-President: SETOYAMA Koichi
Secretary General:KAWAHARA Naoto

Journal of Philosophy and Ethics in Health Care and Medicine

International Conference held in  2014

Main Theme: Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine in Multicultural Society
Date: Nov. 23-24, 2014
Venue: Toyo University, Hakusan Main Campus

November 23, 13:00-17:20
Opening Remark: Prof. Motomu SHIMODA, Head of the Organizing Committee, Kyoto Women’s University

Keynote Speech:
Chair: Prof. Tetsuro SHIMIZU, University of Tokyo
Keynote Speech 1 (13:10-13:40): Prof. Yasushi KOIDE, President of the Japanese Association for Philosophical and Ethical Researches in Medicine, Shibaura Institute of Technology
Keynote Speech 2 (13:40-14:10): Prof. Takashi NAGASHIMA, President of the 2014 International Conference, Toyo University

Symposium (14:20-17:20) *30 minutes for each speaker
Theme: Medical Ethics in Multicultural Society
Chair: Prof. Carl BECKER:Kyoto University
1. Prof. Thomas HEINEMANN, Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Vallendar, Germany
“Developmental Totipotency as a Normative Criterion for the Moral Status of the Human Embryo”
2. Prof. Stuart J. YOUNGNER, Case Western Reserve University, USA
“The Death Problem”
3. Prof. Johannes J. M. van DELDEN, Utrecht University, Netherlands
“End of Life Decisions in the Netherlands: medical practice and societal control”
4. Prof. Daniel Fu-Chang TSAI, National Taiwan University College of Medicine, Taiwan
“Clinical Ethics”

November 24, 9:00-16:50 *15 minutes for each speaker
Session 1(9:00-10:40): Reproductive Medicine, Embryology, Genetics and Other Topics
Chair: Nobuo KURATA, Hokkaido University
Commentator: Prof. Thomas HEINEMANN
1. Waki TOYA, The National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center of Japan
Current Situation of GID Families in Japan
2. Tobias BAUER, Kumamoto University, Kyoko SAKAMOTO, Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Rethinking the Baby-box; Germany’s New Law for Confidential Birth in Comparison with Recent Approaches in Japanese Obstetrics
3. Masayuki KODAMA, National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya
Cutting-edge Reproductive Medicine and Ethics in Japan ― an Ethical View on the Clinical Application of Both the New Type Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Dr. Netsu’s Selective Reduction
4. Masami TATENO, Nihon University
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Philosophy in Multicultural Society
5. Tetsuro TANOJIRI, University of Tokyo, Yumi KAWAKAMI, Waseda University
Haruchika NOGUCHI’s Natural Philosophy of “Ki” in Modern Japanese Medicine from the Perspective of Bioprospecting

Session 2(10:50-12:20): End of Life and Other Topics
Chair: Michio MIYASAKA, Niigata University
Commentator: Prof. Johannes J. M. van DELDEN
1. Emil MAZZOLENI, University of Milan, Italy
Brain Death Is the End of Life? On the Right to Freely Choose the Legal Criterion for Declaring the End of Life
2. Yuichi MINEMURA, State University of New York, USA
Is Preserving the Capacity for Consciousness of Cerebrum Function Essential to Human Existence? Brain View vs Animalism
3. Masako SUGIHARA, Keio University School of Medicine
Right to Live: the Selection of Mechanical Ventilators by People with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
4. Toshiki NISHIMURA, Yokuhukai Hospital
Paul Ricoeur and the Integration of Clinical Methods: Understanding the Illness Experience Better by Explaining the Disease More
5. Kiyoshi MURAOKA, Bukkyo Unversity
Why Does “Preemptive Medicine” Matter to Bioethics?

Session 3(13:20-15:00): Organ Transplantation and Other Topics
Chair: Hitoshi ARIMA, Yokohama City University
Commentator: Prof. Stuart J. YOUNGNER
1. Ren INO, Waseda University
Changes in Public Opinion over Brain Death and Heart Transplant: A Validation from Science Journalism in Japan since 1967
2. Yosuke SHIMAZONO, Osaka University
Exchanging the Incommensurable: An Anthropological Exploration of Commercial Kidney Transplantation in the Philippines
3. Fumika YAMAMOTO, Tokyo City University
An Ethical Consideration of Low-Dose Radiation Exposure after 3.11
4. Yasushi ISHIDA, Ochanomizu University
How Can We Justify “Moderate Paternalism”?
5. Naoki MORISHITA, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine
A New Model of Medical Communication: Who Is the Third Person both Observing and Communicating?

Session 4(15:10-16:50): Clinical Ethics
Chair: Kenji HATTORI, Gunma University
Commentator: Prof. Daniel Fu-Chang TSAI
1. Laura Specker SULLIVAN, Kyoto University
Three Metaethical Arguments about Informed Consent in Japan
2. Franziska KASCH, Osaka University
Changing Perception of Privacy in Medical Settings in Japan
3. Yoshiro MAEDA, University of Occupational and Environmental Health
Reconsideration on Ethical Implications of Informed Consent
4. Koichi SETOYAMA, Osaka University
Paternalism in Medical Ethics: Re-examining the Concept of Paternalism and its Ethical, Legal and Social Implication
5. Ritsuko YOSHIMURA, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Proposals for Future of Informed Consent: Involvement of Mediator and Foundation of Third-party Inspection Organization

Closing Remark(16:50): Prof. Yasushi KOIDE

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